Dr. Vini Patel

Doctor Dr. Vini Patel ( MIAP, B.PT, AT, GSCP) (Gold medalist)
Experience : 2 Years

About Our Director - Dr Vini Patel

  • 1 Year of Experience in Pranayam Institute.
  • 2 Year of Experience in Sunshine Global Hospital.
  • 6 months of experience in Sumandeep vidyapeeth
  • Experienced of Rehabilitation Center of chicago, US
  • Experienced of 1 year of Parekh’s hospital Ahemdabad
  • Aerobic Trainer
  • Working as H.O.D of Rehabilitation Center at Shukan Multispeciality Hospital Since its inception
  • Working as M.D in Shukan Multispeciality Hospital Since its inception.
  • Done the Certified Pilates.
  • Advanced physiotherapy in ICU and Ventilators monitoring
  • Yoga trainer

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